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EDI Action Plan

Many of VIU’s strategic planning initiatives include core commitments to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion - values which lie at the heart of our vision for our community. In addition, we have signed on to Universities Canada’s “Inclusive Excellence Principles” and the Dimensions Charter, and have received support from the Federal Tri-Agencies, to help us advance our equity, diversity and inclusion goals. 

During 2019 and early 2020, VIU conducted a comprehensive environmental scan which provided a snapshot of our current Equity, Diversity and Inclusion situation.

Environmental Scan Results

The results of the initial VIU Equity, Diversity and Inclusion environmental scan have now been summarized, and are available to the VIU community for review:

VIU released its  EDI Action Plan in 2021. This plan enables VIU to focus on 6 key priorities to enhance equity, diversity and inclusion for members of the VIU community. These 6 key priorities include:

  1. Ensure that VIU’s Institutional Policies, Procedures, and Processes Support EDI
  2. Support VIU Learners and Employees to Demonstrate Equitable and Inclusive Behaviour
  3. Help More Learners from Equity-Deserving Groups Enrol and Thrive at VIU
  4. Support More Employees from Equity-Deserving Groups to Apply, be Hired, and Thrive at VIU
  5. Make VIU’S Facilities, Learning Design, and Teaching Practices More Accessible and Inclusive
  6. Embrace EDI Best Practices in VIU’S Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity

We will track progress on these commitments in our annual public accountability reports.

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