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Canada Research Chair Shellfish Health and Genomics

Dr. Timothy J. Green

(Tier 2) Canada Research Chair in Shellfish Health and Genomics is focused on "future proofing" shellfish.  Tim is also Professor of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Research Activities

Dr. Tim Green

Dr. Tim Green is an internationally recognized expert in aquaculture, with a strong emphasis on aquatic animal health and immunology. Through his research, Dr. Green has expanded the knowledge base in the field of invertebrate immunology by identifying new immune pathways in the oyster. In British Columbia, Dr. Green will examine the response of the Pacific oyster to two climate-change exacerbated threats, ocean acidification and Vibrio bacteria. Over the next five years, Dr. Green will study the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of shellfish adaption to these stressors. By determining the mechanisms involved in evolutionary adaption, an expected outcome is the implementation of a selective-breeding program to future-proof the Canadian shellfish industry against these challenges.

Contact Information

Dr. Timothy Green

Office: Building 473 Room 224
Phone: 250.740.6132, Local 6132
Website: Deep Bay Marine Field Station