VIU Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity


Join us for CREATE 2020|2021

CREATE is an all-campus student event run by the Office of Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity. 


  1. To recognize and celebrate student scholarship, research, and creative activity.

  2. To offer a venue for students to attend an academic style conference within a safe, collegial atmosphere.

  3. To afford students the opportunities to share their work and get feedback.

  4. To help foster the culture of scholarship, research, and creative activity at VIU.

CREATE 2020|2021 Intro for Students

How to make a word cloud tutorial for students

The word cloud tutorial was designed for ENGL115 in mind, but includes a great intro to word clouds and how to use the online platform WordArt.

What is a research poster?

This video covers the following:

  • What is a research poster?
  • What should a research poster include?
  • Lots of examples including some made by VIU students for CREATE

What is an Infographic?

The following video covers the following:

  • What is an Infographic?
  • How is it different than a Research Poster?
  • Examines a number of different types of infographics and best practices for each type.

How to SLAM!

Originally done for sharing with Dr. M. Hopwood's class during Spring 2021, but great for anyone interested in doing a SLAM! at CREATE. Will cover:

  • What is a SLAM?
  • How to properly format a SLAM
  • Best practices for the slide and speaking parts

2020|2021 Schedule

The 'what, when and where' for CREATE 2020|2021.

Ways to Present

From posters to short films. This is where you will find info on all the different ways to participate at CREATE 2020|2021.


In order to participate at CREATE, you need to register between SOON and March 5.


If you need to learn how to make a poster, or do well with a SLAM, make sure to check out one of our student workshops!

Awards & Prizes

Here's a preliminary list - as more are added, they will be listed here.

VIU Employees

It takes a village to host the largest on-campus celebration of student Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity! Make sure you are part of it!


Lots of help will be needed - let us know if you can be part of the Biggest Show on Campus!


Come one, come all!