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Naut sa mawt

 "Working together, as one mind and spirit"

 Elder Geraldine Manson, Snuneymuxw First Nation.

Naut sa Mawt Centre for Psychedelic Research

Naut sa mawt Centre for Psychedelic Research

We are a group of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy (PAT) researchers, knowledge keepers, and stakeholders from diverse cultural origins who acknowledge that a respectful synergy between ways of knowing can provide a collaborative environment to access innovative solutions for the advance of inclusive psychedelic programming, education, and research.

Know our story

As featured by CBC, the centre aims to provide innovative treatment within programs of research that promote safety and excellence in the field of psychedelic therapy.  Currently, the Centre is already collaborating with multiple studies, and is participating as a collaborator and learning hub in clinical trials (not as a sponsor site) while growing our capacity for intercultural research.

Learn how, through participatory action research, we are co-creating  inclusive structures for indigenous ways of knowing in our culturally safe collaboration model. 

Intercultural Collaboration Stewardship Research


We aim to pave the way for research-informed programming that promotes reconciliation with ourselves; with one another; with the natural and spiritual world.

Our collective intention is to promote decolonization as we move at the pace of trust, prioritizing authentic, honest and equitable relationships between members.



We are delighted to collaborate with a variety of stakeholders in the ongoing development of this emerging field, including local Snuneymuxw First Nation's members (and other Nations as well):


The Centre operates through volunteerism, collaboration between agencies (in kind contributions), and the generous donations of philanthropists that believe in what we are trying to bring forward. If you feel called to join us with your time or resources, please contact us at NCPR@viu.ca