VIU Conference Funding

Next Deadline is January 10, 2020

For conferences between September 1, 2019 and April 30, 2020.

We will be moving to a new submission process for this intake which will be available by mid-November.

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... or Show Me the Money!
VIU has funding so you can go to conferences and other similar events – come out to hear all about these great opportunities!
There are offering 4 training session times this fall (2 are left) to help you fill out the application and learn more about the process.

October 16 from either 12-1pm or 4-5pm|B305R440


... or 101 reasons why you should go to a conference!
What's a conference? Why would you go? Where do you get some business cards? How can you pay for it? What do you wear?
It's all good. Come by for an hour, and all these will be answered.

November 22 @ 12pm or 4pm, B305|R440


CUR 2019-20 Psychology Travel Award

For psychology undergrads presenting at a conference. Deadline - February 3, 2020

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