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Managing research funds

Congratulations on receiving funding for your research project!

Now that you have your funding, this page is designed to provide you with the information you need to manage spending during the project.

The ongoing disbursement of funds falls within the guidelines of VIU and the granting agency for the duration of the research grant. These guidelines, which form the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide, include the proper authorization for all expenditures, including travel and equipment purchases.  While not all grants held at the institution are awarded through the Tri-Agencies, VIU subscribes to Tri-Agency guidelines, wherever possible, in the administration of all research grants and contracts held at the institution.

If your funding is provided by NSERC:

An overview of the responsibilities and accountabilities of the granting agency, the institution and the grantee (researcher) can be found on the NSERC website. An overview of the use of grant funds is also available on the NSERC website.

If your funding is provided by SSHRC:

SSHRC maintains a similar webpage which specifically addresses use of their funds under the various programs and includes the links and timeline for reporting.


CIHR maintains an Application Administration Guide which contains important information for researchers on the various programs, eligibility, and financial practices for grants.

Accessing Your Funding

You will receive notification from the Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity (SRCA) Office or via ROMEO about the forms grant holders must complete to allow for access to their funding. The grant holder's Dean will authorize the forms (Cost Centre Request and Signing Authority forms).  Completed forms are then returned to SRCA for review, final authorization and forwarding to Finance who activate the cost centre.

Grant holders will be given access to VIU’s Financial Record System (FRS) once their signing authority has been entered into the system.  This allows for real-time review of expenditures and revenues posted to the grant account.  Training sessions in reading and interpreting financial reports in FRS are done as a group for new internal grant holders and individually with external grant holders as soon as the cost centre is active.  This session allows for grant holders to address specific financial concerns and questions.

SRCA, in conjunction with Finance, will ensure residual funding for multi-year grants are deferred to the next fiscal year.  Grant holders and their Faculty support personnel need not worry about this step.

Note that with the implementation of Unit 4 Business World, the above process is subject to change.

Indirect Costs

Where warranted and applicable, VIU charges a minimum amount for indirect costs on research grants and/or contracts.  For more information on the indirect cost formula at VIU see the instructions here.

Reporting Requirements for Granting Agency

Tri-Agency financial reporting requirements are the responsibility of VIU's Finance Department.  Financial reporting on other grants and contracts are the responsibility of the grant holder but must be reviewed by Finance prior to submission to the funder.  Narrative reports are the responsibility of the grant holder.

Information on Tri-Agency reporting and supporting documentation can be found here


Should overspending occur, SRCA and Finance staff will work with the grant holder and their Dean to identify where additional funds can be found to offset the deficit.

Grant Expiration

Should the research not be completed at the time the grant or contract expires, the grant holder may be able to request an extension from the research agency. SRCA staff review grants on a regular basis and will be aware of an approaching end date.  Most agencies only consider requests for extension that are received prior to the existing end date of the project. 

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