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Guidelines and Policies

Guidelines, Policies, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), are formalized procedures that have been approved by the VIU Animal Care Committee (ACC) that are used to educate animal users at VIU on the currently approved techniques and practices. These procedures enable the VIU ACC to implement the institutional policy and  Procedures on Animal Care.

Animal users at VIU are expected to be familiar with all relevant VIU and CCAC Guidelines, Policies, and SOPs. Approved SOP's can be referred to within Animal User Protocol applications, thereby reducing the need to describe in detail procedures that are already recognized to be in accordance with Canadian Council on Animal Care guidelines. SOP's ensure consistency among projects in how the procedure is performed.


VIU Guidelines for Choosing Appropriate Intervention and Endpoints

CCAC Categories of Invasiveness in Animal Experimentation

CCAC Guidelines on the Care and Use of Fish in Teaching and Research

CCAC Guidelines on the Care and Use of Wildlife


ACC-001 - Compliance

ACC-002 - Reporting of Animal Welfare Concerns

ACC-003 - Post-Approval Monitoring

ACC-004 - Animal Health and Welfare

ACC-005 - Monitoring Records of Held Animals

ACC-006 - Animal User Training

ACC-007 - Requirements and Review of Standard Operating Procedures

ACC-008 - Extension of Animal Use Protocols

ACC-010 - Animal Facility Management

ACC-011 – Visitors to Animal Facilities

ACC-012 - Euthanasia

ACC-013 - Research Involving Two or More Institutions

ACC-014 - Fish and Wildlife Permits

ACC-015 - Scientific Merit Review

ACC-016 - Pedagogical Merit Review

Standard Operating Procedures

The VIU Animal Care Committee is in the process of reviewing all SOPs. If there is a particular procedure for which you are interested in acquiring an SOP during this time, please contact the VIU Animal Care Committee via email at

Individuals are encouraged to contact the Animal Care Committee if they are considering writing an SOP to ensure the SOP is not already under development.