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Internal funding opportunities

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VIURAC – Application Deadlines

The next VIURAC call will open on February 6, 2023; the application deadline will be March 15th, 2023.

SRCA Work Opportunity Students

The SRCA now has an allocation of Work Opportunity students. By including a work opportunity student in your internal grant application you can show a cash commitment by the university to your project. If your grant is approved and you have applied for a Work Opportunity student, that Work Opportunity student will be automatically approved. 

Share Grant - International Travel Considerations

Despite VIU lifting the ban on international travel, Global Affairs Canada still has a very cautious approach to travel with COVID Travel Advice. In order to ensure the continued safety of all VIU students and employees, an international travel approval process remains in place.

To receive reimbursement for international travel expenses, VIU Employees must receive travel approval from the Office of the Provost, prior to departure. If you are intending to apply for Share Grant funding for international travel, a Travel Risk Self Assessment must be completed. Please refer to VIU's International Travel Authorization to determine the best next steps.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Internal Awards for Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity

The table below provides details on the internal funding opportunities for faculty at VIU. Additional VIU funding sources are identified below the table as well. All applications are to be submitted through ROMEO (links provided below).

Lifecycle Framework

Award name



Application Deadline(s)


Cultivate Talent


The Amplify Grant will allow for applications up to $2,000 for the development of web, social media, and digital sharing of research knowledge in innovative ways that reach beyond face-to-face methods.

Up to $2000

Open until March 15th

Example Application Hinbest

Example Application Hopwood


Explore Grants

Explore Grants will be used to provide up to $2,000 for applications that aim to explore and create new knowledge outputs where at least one undergraduate or graduate student is involved in the investigation in a paid role.

Up to $2000

Open until March 15th



Example Application Blaney

Example Application Janes


Engage Grants [1]

The Engage Grants will allow funding applications up to $2,000 for projects aimed at building or expanding collaborative projects with community or industry partners, or that focus on mobilizing research knowledge to non-academic audiences.

Up to $2000

Open until March 15th



Example Application Taplay


The Collaborate Grants intended to enable VIU faculty to invest in the development of research centres, labs and institutes to develop strategic plans and communication tools that promote pathways for faculty and student collaboration on projects.

Up to $2,000

Open Deadline

Currently closed due to lack of available funds




Regional Initiatives Fund

The Regional Initiatives Fund provides matching funding to faculty who are working with a community entity on a project of regional significance (see call for topic areas).

Up to $20,000 with required cash matching

Applications are not being accepted at this time.


Innovate Grants

Innovate Grants will be used to provide up to $5,000 for applications to support research and creative activity that results in innovative or creative outputs or applications. Applicants cannot apply for Innovate and Inquiry Grants for the same project.

Up to $5000

Open until March 15th



Example Application Dames

Example Application Koerbler


Inquiry Grants

The Inquiry Grants (formerly the Research Fund) will be used to provide up to $5,000 for applications to support investigator-led inquiry and research. Inquiry grants support disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies and inquiry in the scholarship of teaching and learning. Applicants cannot apply for Innovate and Inquiry Grants for the same project.

Up to $5000

Open until March 15th


Example Application Janes

Time Award

The Time Awards are an internal funding opportunity available to VIUFA faculty.  They are intended to provide 1-2 sections of workload reassignment to VIUFA faculty to enable their professional growth through scholarship, research, and creative activity.

1-2 sections of teaching workload reassignment or equivalent for non-instructional or VIUFA faculty

Currently closed.



Example Applications





Meijer Drees


Gather Grants

The Gather Award will allow for funding applications up to $3,000 to enable researchers to host events (i.e. conferences, symposia, exhibitions) and gatherings aimed at mobilizing research knowledge to academic audiences.

Up to $3000

Open until March 15th


Example Application McCunn Alexander

See note above regarding the Share Grant

Share Grants

This grant replaces the Travel and Conference Funding

Travel and conference funding is awarded to VIUFA or BCGEU members who wish to present at a conference or event.

Up to $1200

Open deadline



Enable Grants

1 section reassignment


Enable Grants flyer

Publish Grants

Grants to support faculty to publish their findings in peer-reviewed open access journals and books published by high-quality publishers.


Open deadline




Provost Awards for Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity

President Awards for Community Engagement

These Awards were introduced in 2018 to recognize the outstanding contributions of VIU employees in Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity and Community Engagement. They are merit-based awards of no financial value.

Merit award only

May 31



[1] SSHRC Exchange Grants are funded for 3 years through the SSHRC Institutional Grant and will be used to create three sub-categories of awards including: Engagement, Gather and Amplify awards.

Additional VIU Internal Funding Sources

Asper Media Studies Endowment Award

Application deadline: April 6 or October 31 by 4 pm

Award amount: up to $5,000. for research projects/$2,000. for conference attendance

The Media Studies department is soliciting proposals for projects that involve research, program development, or other forms of scholarship in the area of media studies. The proposal can include a request for conference attendance. These funds are made available through the Asper Media Studies Endowment (CanWest Global).

Applications can be submitted in ROMEO.

BCGEU Long-term Assisted Professional Development Leave

BCGEU employees are eligible to apply for a Professional Development Leave after 3 consecutive years of employment or attend an event as stated in the BCGEU Collective Agreement.

Global Engagement - Program Development Grants

Application deadlines:  September 30 and January 31

Global Engagement - Program Development Grants are designed to support faculty and staff as they develop curriculum and university programming that is international in nature and provides students with the attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary to perform effectively (professionally and socially) in an international and inter-cultural environment. The intent of the program is to foster incremental, innovative activities that weave internationalization into curricula, departments or areas where there is little or no international focus.  For application details, see WorldVIU Global Engagement.

Global Engagement - Travel Grants are designed to assist VIU faculty and staff to explore or develop international teaching and learning opportunities that directly benefit the VIU community. Funding can be used to pay for eligible travel expenses only.

The Global Engagement International Work Opportunity Grant is designed to engage VIU faculty and staff in high quality international workplace-based experiences that support development projects.

Self-Funded Research Grant (in lieu of salary)

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has made provision for faculty to receive certain tax concessions in instances where they are using salary to cover the costs of their research. This means that part of your salary can be considered a research grant in lieu of salary. The purpose of this grant is to allow faculty to receive a portion of their salary tax free for research purposes.

Tri-Agency General Research Funds (GRF)

Under certain conditions, SSHRC and NSERC will allow residual funds from completed projects to be retained by the institution. The Agencies expect that the institution will use these funds for the broad purpose of enhancing the quality of research in the natural sciences and engineering, or in the social sciences and humanities, as applicable.

VIUFA Professional Development Leave

It is recognized that many opportunities for professional development require a longer period of time than is available between the spring and fall instructional periods. In order to encourage faculty to take advantage of these opportunities, a program of assisted professional development leave of absence is available to regular VIUFA members. This program is administered by the VIUFA Leave Committee.

Example Applications