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What is it?SRA are meant to nurture your interest and fully develop your potential for a research career in the natural sciences and engineering. They are also meant to encourage you to undertake graduate studies in these fields. If you would like to gain research work experience that complements your studies in an academic setting, these awards can provide you with financial support through your host university. NSERC encourages qualified Indigenous students to apply for this award.
How much is it worth?$7,500 minimum
What is the deadline?February 28, 2021
Am I eligible?To be eligible to apply for an award, you must: (1) be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada as of the deadline date for applications at the university; (2) be registered, as of the deadline date for applications at the university, in a bachelor's degree program at an eligible university; (3) have obtained, over the previous 2 years of study, a cumulative average of at least second class (2.67 at VIU0
What is the website?
Is there an Info Session?Yes! Jan 26 and 29
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What is it?The purpose of the NSERC Student Ambassadors grant is to encourage post-secondary students and fellows to share their science and engineering experience with youth from groups that are under-represented in STEM.
How much is it worth?$1,000. You may hold only one NSERC Student Ambassador grant per fiscal year (April 1 – March 31).
What is the deadline?There are no fixed deadlines for this grant. Applications must be submitted at least two months before the start of a proposed outreach activity.
Am I eligible?To be eligible, at the time you submit your application you must: (1) be registered in a Canadian university, polytechnic, college, or CEGEP in the natural sciences and engineering (NSE) or have been registered last term and planning to return next term to one of those institutions for studies in the NSE or be a postdoctoral fellow in the NSE at a Canadian university; (2) be at least 16 years of age; (3) hold a valid bank account with an institution legally entitled to operate in Canada.
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Is there an Info Session?Yes! There will be four! Two on September 11 and two more on October 16. RSVP below!
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What is it?The Sigma Xi Grants in Aid of Research (GIAR) program has provided undergraduate and graduate students with valuable educational experiences since 1922. By encouraging close working relationships between students and mentors, the program promotes scientific excellence and achievement through hands-on learning.
How much is it worth?Most are $1000; see website for more details
What is the deadline?March 15 and October 1 annually
Am I eligible?Undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in degree seeking programs may apply.
What is the website?
Is there an Info Session?No, but if you have questions please connect with Kendra.