VIU Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

Guiding principles

All publications:

  1. Include either a VIU faculty member, employee, student or alumnus in an authorship or editorial role.

  2. Align with one of VIU’s research strengths and priorities including: 1) teaching and learning, 2) health, resilience and well being, 3) integrated sciences, technology and environment, 4) resilience of island, coastal and rural regions, 5) innovation, entrepreneurship and social change, 6) cultural, heritage and creative expression, and 7) equity, diversity and social justice.

  3. Are open-access thereby enabling scholarship to be freely available to society.

  4. Undergo a peer review process thereby ensuring quality, rigor and academic merit.

  5. Are licensed for use under a Creative Commons license that protects the interests and copyright ownership of the author(s) while encouraging broader readership in society.