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Ways to present at CREATE

Updates happening regularly!


This category includes Research Posters, Infographics, and TwitterPosters

10-minute presentations

Oral presentations that include digital slides (think PowerPoint).

10-minute performances

Can include spoken word, song, music, dance, or drama.

3-minute Slam

Oral presentations that use everyday language. Similar to the idea of an 'elevator pitch'. 


Exhibits of research and creative activity.

Rant (like-Rick)

"Everyone should rant. Ranting not only makes you feel better but occasionally, as my mother proved to me many times, you might get results—justice, satisfaction or a fudge stick."

2 minutes. Make a point. Intelligently.


Short documentaries.

Look Up Look Out Art Exhibit

Calling all artists: Come inspire your VIU community to extend their gaze Up and Out.

Anti-Racism Arts Festival

Co-sponsored by VIUFA Human Rights and International Solidarity Committee (HRISC) and CREATE.

Learn more about the Anti-Racism Arts Festival

Three Minute Thesis

Just for grad students in a degree program. Present your thesis in 3 minutes!


More info coming soon! But basically you will provide the digital file and we will offer it on our website for folks to check out. Oh yes, there will be prizes too!