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Question Answer
What is it? The REACH awards provide VIU students with a stipend to enable them to complete their own independent project under the mentorship of a VIU employee.
How much is it worth? To be determined annually by the STaR committee
What is the deadline? January 20, 2023, for the Spring Call
Am I eligible? You must currently be registered in your program, be in good academic standing, have a faculty mentor, not have previously held a REACH or currently hold any major awards (>$10,000 per year for grad students; 2022 USRA for undergrads), and not have completed the entire project by the application deadline.
What is the website? You are on it!
Is there an workshop? More info coming soon. Meanwhile, check out the Recorded session of the REACH Award workshop hosted in October.

Application Form

Applications for the REACH Award Spring Call will be accepted until January 20, 2023, via the ROMEO portal. 

Reference Letter - Attention applicants!

The REACH Award application requires a reference letter provided by a person who can comment on your ability to undertake your proposed project and the foreseeable benefits your project will have on your academic and/or professional pursuits. Make sure to request this letter from someone who can properly speak to these items. Ensure that the person you ask is not your mentor for the proposed project.

Request the letter as soon as you can.

The reference letter needs to be sent directly to Vanessa Moraes ( and received by January 20, 2023 at 4 pm. The referee sends the letter (the person who writes it) not the student. Reference letters will be kept confidential to the members of the STaR committee and will only be used in the adjudication of the REACH Award.


The following are able to assist you with your proposal:

Vanessa Moraes (Student Research Engagement Coordinator) -

If you would like Vanessa to review your application, then please send items to her by January 11, 2023.

The Writing Centre - book an online appointment with the Writing Centre!

Peer Helpers - We have a handful of previous award recipients that can help edit your proposal and give you some feedback. Email Vanessa if you are interested.

Workshop Info!

View the recorded session of the REACH Award Workshop from October. 

 2021-22 REACH Award Recipients

Looking for some inspiration? Have a look at the 2021-22 REACH Award recipients.