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Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

Thank-you to everyone who participated in VIU CARES: Collaborative Applied Research Engagement Symposium

The symposium, held on Thursday Feb. 18th, was attended by over 70 participants throughout the day and featured presentations, panel discussions and Pecha Kucha videos about projects supported through VIU's Regional Initiatives Fund (RIF) that has enabled collaborative applied research on community planning with Indigenous and non-Indigenous partners, air and water quality, affordable housing, fish health and habitat, marmots, tourism, impacts of COVID-19, and more. Check out the recorded Pecha Talks on VIUTube here:

‘Zoom into Lunch & Learn‘ 2021!

This series provides presenters and attendees with opportunities to share, learn, and discuss their insights, research, and ideas. Held on the following Tuesdays from 12 to 12:45pm. Upcoming sessions:

Check out the VIU Research Highlights Report 19/20

Includes  news articles written throughout the year by VIU Communications, research stats and more. Click on the image or link to it here.  

VIU Research Highlights Report 2019-20

What's Happening

Sea otters are voracious eaters. On the surface of the water, they tend to lounge about and adorably hug their little babies. Beneath the surface, sea otters will dive down over 150 feet to reach prey like abalone, sea urchins, crabs, and clams, which they can crack open using rocks. VIU Biology Professor Dr. Jane Watson has studied sea otters for decades.
Tara Cooper is a fourth year undergraduate honours student studying psychology at VIU conducting research under professor Marla Morden, with the aim of better understanding the mental health impacts of pandemic related school changes on children across Canada. Morden’s team is performing a longitudinal study over five years that is “trying to shed light on how to support families should a pandemic happen again.”
VIU Professor Dr. Leigh Blaney received a $10,000 grant to develop Firefighter Edge, a video game that could help firefighters cope with stress and anxiety experienced on the job. Blaney and her research partner Robert Fell, a volunteer firefighter and owner of tech company HYPERSURGE, are developing a prototype firefighter resilience education video game called Firefighter Edge that can be used in resilience training worldwide. Read more.

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Scholarly Article Sheds Light on Whether Island Wolverines are a Distinct Subspecies

Through DNA analysis, VIU researchers determined that Vancouver Island wolverines are not a distinct subspecies from those found on the mainland in North...

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VIU Nursing Professor Receives Financial Support to Continue Resilience Research

Support from BC’s health research funding agency will enable Dr. Shannon Dames to focus on further developing a resilience-focused, psychedelic-assisted mental...

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Grant Funds Prototype of Resilience Education Video Game

VIU Professor Dr. Leigh Blaney receives $10,000 grant to develop Firefighter Edge, a video game that could help firefighters cope with stress and anxiety...

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VIU Researchers Examining Genetics of Canada Lynx

Data could help governments and wildlife conservation groups understand how climate change might impact the life cycles of the Canada lynx and other species in...