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Research Personnel

General information on hiring student research assistants, postdoctoral fellows and other project personnel is available at Research Personnel - Employment and Awards. This document covers:

  • Recruitment Assistance
  • Suggested Pay Ranges
  • Employer Costs
  • Appointment/Payment Processing

See below for relevant forms.

Research Assistants

Graduate and undergraduate students may be hired as research assistants. Student research assistants are hired as employees of VIU and can be paid from your available research project budgets. Campus Student Employment provides advice and guidance in the hiring of all VIU students. The Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity (SRCA) Office will provide advice on the hiring of non-VIU students.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral fellows are covered under VIU institutional policy.  For additional information, please contact the Research Services Manager in the Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity (SRCA) Office.

Project Personnel

Personnel, other than students, can be hired to work on research projects.  There are special conditions that apply to these positions, so you will want to discuss details with the Research Services Manager in advance of making any commitments or appointments.

Forms and Resources

For general questions or to discuss special circumstances, please seek the advice of the Research Services Manager.

The information and forms contained on this page are subject to change without notice; therefore, it is recommended you bookmark this page and download the linked forms and resources as needed.