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Animal Care Services Department

The mission of Animal Care Services (ACS) is to ensure high-quality care for animals and facilitate research and teaching at Vancouver Island University.  Animal Care Services works closely with the Animal Care Committee to provide services in support of the VIU’s Animal Care and Use Program. The Manager of Animal Care Services reports to the AVP Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity. Services will include veterinary services, compliance, training, procurement, animal housing, technical services, and research and administrative support.

Our office is committed to providing research support to all Vancouver Island University (VIU) researchers.  In addition to our housing facilities and services for animals, ACS provides veterinary services as well as training in laboratory animal medicine.  This office also provides veterinary oversight of all animal facilities at VIU.  We are here to help you with your research needs. All research with animals may only be undertaken if VIU finds the use of animals acceptable and of scientific merit.

All applications for a Request to Use Animals, Animal Use Protocols (AUPs), and related events are submitted through the ROMEO research application portal

Information regarding research at VIU including animal care, biosafety, ethics, funding, managing research funds, and mentoring students.

Animal Care Services (ACS) at