Student research matters here

Research is undertaken for the purpose of gaining new knowledge, deeper understanding or applications. We know that the earlier and more frequently students engage in research, deep and often transformational learning happens. At VIU, we want to ensure every student has access to these opportunities throughout their learning journey.

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Deep learning through research

Student research happens here

There are many pathways to cultivate talent in research and creative activity ranging from introductory courses to internships to independent projects to interdisciplinary opportunities.

If you think student researchers are only found in arcane labs hidden away in some building ‘up the hill’ – think again! VIU’s student researchers are found on sea coasts, in public classrooms and on our neighbourhood streets. They interpret historical text, investigate the brain and study the air we breathe. They explore the bounds of human creativity, social consciousness and ancient cultures. They work with government agencies, community partners and non-profit organizations. They are not only learning, they are contributing to the world around them.

Master of Community Planning Student Shakes it up a bit

Student research develops here

VIU provides the means to acquire your research skills, the support to cultivate your passions and the expertise to facilitate your learning. Bring your passion, your questions and your willingness to change the world.

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