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BC Regional Innovation Chair for Aboriginal Early Child Development

Danielle Alphonse

My name is Danielle Alphonse. I also carry the traditional name Qwul'stun'a'wat from my late grandmother, Philomena Alphonse. Acknowledging my family line, my late grandparents, Philomena Alphonse and Dennis Alphonse, on my mother's side, and my dad's side, Olwen Mc Neil and the late Bill Mc Neil. On my other dad's side, the late Donna Galloway and Charles Galloway. My parents, Lucy Galloway, Doug Regan and David Galloway have shaped me into the person I am today. I am the oldest of three sisters and the oldest grandchild in my family. I am proud of my diverse heritage, which includes Cowichan on my mother's side and Kahnawake, Welsh, Irish and Scottish on my father's side.

For the past decade, I have served as the BC Regional Innovation Chair for Aboriginal Early Childhood Development at VIU. This role has allowed me to contribute significantly to the field and has given me the opportunity to teach in the Early Childhood Education and Care program. This is a responsibility I hold dear.

My educational journey has been focused on Early Childhood Education, Child and Youth Care, and Education. These areas of study have equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of the field and the skills necessary to make a meaningful impact with and for Indigenous communities.

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Office: Building 180, Room 421
Phone: 250.753.3245 Ext. 2528
Web: The BC Regional Innovation Chair (BC RIC) in Aboriginal Early Childhood Development (AECD)