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Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity Office

Vancouver Island University
900 Fifth St. Nanaimo, B.C. Canada

Building 305 (Library) – Room 456 Main Office

For general inquiries:
Phone: 250.740.6324
Fax: 250.740.6256
E-mail: Research

For more information on Scholarship, Research or Creative Activity at Vancouver Island University contact:

Nicole Vaugeois, PhD

Associate Vice-President, Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity

Phone: 250.740.6291

Email: Nicole Vaugeois

May Norman

Research Services Manager

Phone: 250.740.6196

Email: May Norman


Roisin Mulligan, PhD

Grants Facilitator

Phone: 250.753.3245 ext. 2575

Email: Roisin Mulligan


Bettina Ruhstein

Grants and Contracts Facilitator

Phone: 250.753.3245 ext. 2354

Email: Bettina Ruhstein


Lyn Locke

Administrative Assistant, Committee Support

Phone: 250.740.6324

Email: Lyn Locke


Rebecca Ramsey

Financial Assistant

Phone: 250.753.3245 ext. 2676

Email: Rebecca Ramsey


Kendra Stiwich

Student Research Engagement Coordinator

Phone: 250.753.3245, ext. 2704

Email: Kendra Stiwich


Chris Turner

Research Ethics Officer

Phone: 250.740.6631

Email: Chris Turner


Tanis Dagert

Community Liaison and Knowledge Mobilization Officer

Phone: Tel: 250.753.3245 ext. 2984

Email: Tanis Dagert


Glenys Wood

Secretary, Research Chairs

Phone:250.753.3245 ext. 6624

Email: Glenys Wood

Leyla Innala

Animal Care Officer

Phone: 250.740.6326

Email: Leyla Innala

Tamara MacNeil

Research Services Coordinator

Phone: 250.740.6618

Email: Tamara MacNeil