VIU Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

VIU Publications

The mission of VIU Publications is to publish the scholarly, intellectual and creative works by members of the VIU community. VIU Publications is an amalgam of open access scholarly outputs with the principal aim to bring the work of VIU faculty, students, centres and institutes into the public realm thereby offering accountability to our communities, serving a public good, and enhancing VIU’s reputation and reach internationally. This scholarship, once disseminated has the potential to enlighten society, engage citizens and address complex challenges.

VIU Publications focuses on digital publications that are produced by VIU faculty, students or alumni, highlighting their contributions within the VIU region and beyond to knowledge in a wide array of disciplines. The target audiences for publications include scholars, educators, learners, citizens and practitioners and policy makers. Publications will also contribute to the growing volume of open access resources available for teaching and learning purposes (OER). Authors retain copyright of their work while publication under a Creative Commons license protects the rights of the author, broadens readership, and facilitates appropriate reuse.