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All researchers engaged in clinical trial work should review Chapter 11 of the TCPS 2 (2022): Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans and complete the TCPS2 Course on Research Ethics (2022).

As part of the Michael Smith Health Research BC, Clinical Trials BC supports researchers and investigators in developing expertise in clinical research processes, quality assurance and budgets. They also provide access to provincial tools and resources and numerous professional development and training initiatives.  

VIU is a member of N2 Network of Networks which provides province-wide access to tools and resources that focus on enhancing clinical research capability and capacity.   This training is mandatory for Qualified Investigators and members of their study teams and includes CITI online training for Good Clinical Practice, the Food and Drug Act and more.  The certificates of completion must be kept in each study team member’s training record.

Find more information about Guidance for VIU Researchers Interested in Conducting Clinical ResearchClinical Trials or Studies Involving a Drug, Medical Device, or Natural Health Product, and Health Canada Review.