VIU Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

Policies, Forms and Guidelines Guiding Research

The following lists the key policies and procedures along with some key governing documents and web links to guide researchers.

Governing Documents

  1. Academic Plan
  2. VIU SRCA Foundation Plan
  3. Eligibility to Hold a Grant
  4. Indirect Costs Guidelines
  5. Financial Audit Guidelines
  6. General Research Accounts (formerly Banked Research Accounts)
  7. VIU Guidelines for CFI Applications and Awards
  8. Research Support Fund
  9. Research Budget Template 

Policies and Procedures

Policy 31.03

Procedure 31.03.001

VIU Research Ethics Board Policy and Procedure

Policy 31.04

Procedure 31.04.001

Biosafety Policy and Procedure

Policy 31.07

Procedure 31.07.001

Animal Care Policy and Procedure

Policy 31.08

Procedure 31.08.001

Honorary Research Associates Policy and Procedure and the Provost Office Honorary Research Associate form 

Policy 31.10

Procedures 31.10.001 and 31.10.002

Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarly Activity Policy and Procedure and Procedure

Policy 31.11 

Procedure 31.11.001

Research and Scholarly Activity Centres and Institutes Policy and Procedure

Research and Scholarly Activity Centres and Institutes Proposal

Budget template

Policy 31.13 

Procedure 31.13.001

Intellectual Property Policy and Mobilization of Intellectual Property Procedure

Policy 31.14

Adjunct Faculty Policy and the Provost Office Adjunct form

Policy 31.16

Procedure 31.16.001

Postdoctoral Fellowship Policy and Procedure

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest Guidelines

Policies and Guidelines Related to the Employment of Research Personnel