VIU Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

Student Research Opportunities

A vital role of the Chair for AECD is to facilitate Aboriginal student involvement and participation in AECD research activities. The Chair will provide mentorship to students to increase research experience and build leadership capacity. As well, the students will provide their own knowledge and experience to inform the AECD work.

Undergraduate Students

The Chair employs students some of whom are supported through Work Opportunity funds and others supported by specific projects. Students have engaged in work such as:

  • Working on an Environmental Scan of AECD organizations, services and post secondary training in the Central Island Region, BC and beyond.
  • Providing research skills to review cultural contributions made by Cowichan Elders to the (Cowichan Campus) Child and Youth Care program. This will support eventual archiving of the cultural teachings shared in the classroom.
  • Exploring research conducted related to the transitions of young children and their families from Early Childhood programs to Kindergarten, and exploring available data on the Aboriginal Early Childhood Development and Aboriginal families.

This information will help us understand the current issues and realities of Aboriginal children and their families and provide a context for our future work with Tillicum Lelum Aboriginal Friendship Centre and other agencies and organizations.

Graduate Student

A graduate student in the Masters of Education in Educational Leadership was also recruited to a part time AECD position. Danielle Alphonse, a member of Cowichan Tribes provides support to AECD work and coordinates projects that reflect her developing research interests.

Full time students currently enrolled at VIU who are interested in working as research assistants with the AECD chair should e-mail danielle.alphonse@viu.caor phone 250-753-3245 local 2528.

Students can also check the Campus Career Centre web site for information about job postings.