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#VIUGraduateResearchers; A World VIU Days event by the Office of Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

What is this exactly??

The Office of Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity is sponsoring a Twitter event at World VIU Days 2020. From November 2-6 we are encouraging VIU's graduate students to get on Twitter and make a #TwitterPoster and share it using these hashtags:

#VIUGraduateResearchers; #WorldVIUDays; #VIUTwitterPoster

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What about the VIU prizes?

Every original tweet that includes the hashtags listed above will be entered into a draw on Friday, November 6 at noon. 


Why do this?

  1. Staying connected right now is super important. Tweet out a bit about you, then check out what other students are up to. You belong to a HUGE community, and it is important feel apart of that VIU love!
  2. New virtual poster making skill - VERY useful in this day and age.
  3. Prize draw for super snuggy VIU hoodie and other great stuff!
  4. This is also a public forum where you are sharing knowledge using a relatively novel format. Stick it on your CV!

What is a #TwitterPoster?

So glad you asked. :-)

In this crazy virtual world, one of the movers and shakers in the poster design world, Mike Morrison, came up with an effective way to share your research using Twitter. And let's face it, Twitter can use as many evidence based tweets as possible.

Here is a link to his video and you can find an easy to use template in the YouTube info box. We have used this template - EASY! There is one catch – most PowerPoints wont export a gif, no worries, Kendra has a fix.

So, watch the video and try it out. When you are ready to Tweet it out, make sure to include the hashtags mentioned above to be entered into the draw for a sweet VIU prize pack.

What should I put on my #TwitterPoster?

Mike's video gives a good outline for using his format for a research poster - you can do this if your project is far enough along. 

However, World VIU Days is all about creating a connected community this year, so I recommend the following (each bullet would be one slide):

  1. A picture of you with a few details including: name, where you are from, what VIU program you are in (only do this if you are comfortable with your image being up on Twitter - you can always pick an avatar if you would like!)
  2. Title of your research and one sentence to explain it. Remember each slide 'plays' for only 5 seconds!
  3. Why YOU love your research project
  4. What you hope your research will help out with, or achieve
  5. A gratitude slide for the person/place/thing that is helping you out with your research. Yes, thing...hey, your coffee cup may be VERY important right now. :-)

Remember to keep it fun and easy to understand.