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VIU Logo Do's and Don'ts

The Do's and Don'ts of the VIU Logo

Posters and displays must feature the VIU logo. Please follow the guidelines below for appropriate use.  

Dos and Don’ts:

  • Don’t crowd the logo with text or other graphic elements—follow the guidelines for free space.
  • Don’t stretch the logo or distort its ratios.
  • Don’t adjust the colours of the logo.
  • Don’t change the font used in the logo.
  • Don’t superimpose the logo over a photo or image.
  • Don’t isolate, remove or modify any portion of the logo (e.g. don’t remove the icon and use it on its own). 
  • Don’t dissect the logo and/or replace elements of the logo with different graphics.
  • Don’t create a free form version of the logo.
  • Don’t encapsulate the logo within a border or shape.
  • Don’t replace the wordmark with other text, in full or in portion (e.g. program names; faculty or program names can be written in text with clear space separating the names from the logo).
  • Do use the logo on your on- and off-site presentation materials.
  • Do follow these usage guidelines for reproducing the logo on your institutional product.
  • Do feel free to ask questions about the logo by contacting a member of the Strategic Marketing department.