a serene forest with dappled sunlight.

Healing in Theory and Healing in Us

The psychedelic process is a spirit manifesting process, 

The creative process is a tangible manifestation of our spirit.

We all start out as artists, creative expression is a natural human tendency.  Through a process of conditioning (aka colonization), we realize that these forms of raw expression threaten our ability to be accepted in a relatively rigid environment.  As a result, we tend to lose our colors and creative capacity. However, with the rise of arts-based research (Leavy, 2020), and momentum toward decolonizing approaches,  we are finding our way back to authenticity, inspired living, and courageous self-expression. 

As a member of VIU's Psychedelic learning system, we are delighted to welcome you to our community of practice - shining a light on spirit, expressing ourselves in uncloaked form, celebrating the raw beauty of our peers, and inspiring others to join us in this collective healing [and psychedelic] practice. 

To thrive as humans, we must remember who we are, separate from the labels prescribed to us. This remembering requires us to transition from human DOings to human BEings. Congruence between who we are, and how we authentically express ourselves in the world impacts our ability to thrive as human BEings (Worth, 2017; Rogers, 1959). Creative expression is a powerful way to practice congruence, allowing others to see the vulnerable parts of us. It requires a surrounding of control, and self-consciousness, enabling spirit to flow through in service to the collective; amid the fears of rejection; amid the pull of the ego.  

Here we meet in the space between our differences, where culture informs our flavor, and spirit transcends our conditioning. Here, we are one.

If you feel inspired to contribute, send me a creative piece of yourself to me at shannon.dames@viu.ca

Just like the community we are co-creating, perfectly imperfect is exactly the point.