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Student Resources

Welcome to the Under Construction Student Resources page. Anticipate lots of activity between December 2023 and February 2024. 

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Use of AI in Graduate Studies

It can be a bit overwhelming. 

We recommend starting with familiarizing yourself with VIU's policies and procedures on Academic Integrity, Responsible Conduct of Research, and VIU's data privacy and security guidelines. Next, the Western Deans of Graduate Studies provides a set of recommended practices on the use of GenAI for graduate and postdoctoral stakeholders. 


VIU Employer Directory

Designed by the Centre for Experiential Learning and Career Studio to help students and graduates to see a world of opportunities within the Vancouver Island community and across Canada. This resource is curated to connect you, our students and alumni, with leading employers eager to harness fresh talent for internships and employment across a spectrum of industries.


Job Search Preparation

Information on:

  • Job search strategies
  • Job boards
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Interview and networking skills

Professional Business Etiquette

Understanding proper business etiquette is pivotal for students as it sets the foundation for their professional success. Mastery of business etiquette distinguishes individuals in a competitive job market, enabling them to navigate diverse professional settings with confidence and poise. It involves more than just knowing which fork to use at a business lunch; it's about presenting oneself in a way that shows respect for others and for the business situation.

Cover Letter Template: Show your amazing fit in 3 paragraphs

Check out this great page describing everything you need to know about the purpose and structure of a strong cover letter. Thanks to Crystal Lee and her RELOCAL site!

Developing an Academic CV

This comprehensive guide is designed to assist VIU students from all academic programs, from undergraduate to graduate levels, in crafting effective and impactful academic CVs. Whether you're applying for research positions, graduate school, fellowships, or academic employment, your CV is a crucial document that showcases your academic journey and achievements.