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Rant-like-Rick Finale

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Watch the rants!

Ferry Food by Andrew Armour

Housing Affordability Crisis by Ariel Bell

You're Not Normal by Bailey Mertz-Symchyck

Late Diagnosis by Brittany Summerhayes

Problems in Education by Chiara A. McCarthy

Hidden Sugar in Canada's Food by Daniel Hamori

People don't go out authentically by Jenayah Lefebvre

Nigeria: A Country of Potential, Plagued by Problems by Kenneth Orlumati

Reasons to Increase Minimum Wage to a Livable Wage by Krystianna Angelika

Homework by Kylee Bahia

Running Faucets by Lucas Magalhaes

Rising Prices in Canada by Luigi Borean

15-minute Cities: Convenience or Control? by Mailyn Lai

The Price of Knowledge by Nicolle Pinto

Antibiotic Resistance - why we need to take action by Phi Nhung Nguyen Thi

Microplastics by Shaun Toe

Rants by TJ Barrowclif

Rant the Truth by Zein Abualhaj

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