Woman looking up at butterfly

Look Up Look Out Art Exhibit

CREATE 2022 will have a dedicated student art exhibit from April 4-7 that will encourage our VIU community to extend their gaze up and out. Depending on the artists' availability, there will be a face-to-face showcase time when the artists will be at the exhibit and able to talk to others about their work. 

Look Up

This installment will be located inside the Upper Cafeteria and will be held aloft in the 'rafters' so to speak. We are accepting large prints that can be mounted on poster board and displayed from a high vantage.  Size should be 36"X48" in either landscape or portrait orientation to qualify for print cost grants (see more below about the grants). If you are covering the cost yourself, then similar sizes will be accepted.

Look Out

This installment will be located outside the Upper Cafeteria and will be mounted on the plexiglass, fence-like borders that line the perimeters of the outside patio areas. We are accepting medium to large prints that can be printed on waterproof material. Prints will need to be no larger than 30" wide and 36" high. (We are still waiting back on the available print stock for waterproof printing.)

Calling all Artists

If you are interested in having one of your original pieces part of the Look Up Look Out Exhibit please fill out a CREATE registration form. There is a specific event labelled Look Up and another for Look Out. Priority will be given on a 'first come, first served' basis. Space is limited. You may enter one piece in each category (please fill out two different registration forms, one per submission). If there is a high submission rate, the conference organizers reserve the right to limit submissions to one overall per student.

When choosing your piece(s), please consider size, location, and the audience's gaze. 


There will be at least one award given in each category.

Printing Grants

CREATE offers a number of grants to cover the costs of printing. You will be contacted after registration closes with more information about this option.


If you have any questions please email create@viu.ca.