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Film Fest

CREATE 2022 presents

The Long and the Shorts of It

April 4 @ 4pm

Malaspina Theatre (Building 310)

Act 1 @ 4pm

A selection of short docs covering an incredible range of topics. See below for more details.

Act 2 @ 6:15pm - A VIU premiere!

You Never Have to Use Again by Matthew Hoffmann, Media Studies Student. A documentary film about the overdose crisis and the journey of recovery. Followed by a Filmmaker Q&A.

Act 1 Details

Student Research and Creative Activity at VIU

By Sydney Clermont, Lisa Kremer, & Julia Tippett

Research done by Lisa and Julia for the office of Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity indicates students want to know more about the types of student opportunities that are available at VIU.  This short doc highlights three students' experiences with research and creative activity. 

Cold Water Immersion Therapy Research Video

By Maya Cudney, Keyla Ferris, Braiden Epp, & Jeramie Auchterlonie

Maya and Keyla (Digital Media Studies students) partnered up with Braiden and Jeramie (Kinesiology students) to create a research documentary about Cold Water Immersion Therapy.

Analyzing the Active Transportation User Experience in Small, Sprawled Canadian Cities

By Michael Duddy, Bradley Vince, & Austin Heidt

Brad Vince is exploring how active transportation users perceive and experience their built environments in four Canadian cities. Ideally, to be able to recommend how the planners and transportation professional in smaller cities can better support active transportation users and create healthier, more resilient transportation systems overall.


By Michael Duddy

This short focuses on the effect of Rheumatoid Arthritis and what it means to have an invisible disability. We discuss how a person's life cna be dramatically altered in ways that able bodied people may not know or understand.

The Working Kinesiologist

By Victor Dunn

A video providing insight for other students about the roles of working kinesiologists and the space they operate in to treat their clients. Three different clinics are interviewed.

Personality Characteristics of Monogamous Relationships

By Saphire Foster & Cassidy Martinig

The project captured in this doc aims to determine personality characteristics that are predictive of positive and negative relationship qualities to ultimately determine what constitutes high relationship satisfaction. 

Let's Talk Seafood: And Eat it Too!

By Althea Rasendriya and Kenji Wong

This short documentary is based on research about seafood, specifically seaweed. This 'Let's Talk Seafood' session addresses industry needs for public relations by showcasing sustainable practices and facilitating demand for seafood products. Sarah Foulkes, speaker and researcher, also presented ideas for facilitated discussion between researchers, industry and community members.

Antecedents of Children's Place Attachment Towards Foster Homes

By Taylor Shorting, Natasha Vaswaney, & Calvin Lugale 

This short doc captures Taylor's research which looked at the physical attributes of foster care environments with the aims of assisting in creating better care environments for vulnerable children.