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CREATE 2022 Rant Like Ricks

Hi folks, please check out these great rants and then vote for your favourite!

Addressing the ‘Wild’ Other: A Call for Wildlife-Inclusive Community Plans by Skye Bell

Kids are smarter than masks by Phillip Fredriksson

Road Safety for Cyclists by Georgi Frie

Plastic Discrimination by Tatianna Haggard

Inner wealth through holistic health by Jacob Samuel Hamilton

Letting Go by Asia Harris

3 Questions to never ask a psychology student by Mert Efe Hatay

The Art of Music by Julian Jongkind

I Stand for Ukraine by Craig McDonald

Climate change and its disproportionate effects on developing countries by Hannah Pachet

Hangry by Melissa Pendlebury

People who don't mute themselves on Zoom by Leila Sadeghi

Rant-like-me by Val Weaver

Every Child Matters Movement by Kristine  Williams