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Conferences and COVID

Greetings all those keen to get out there and conquer. For now we will need to stay at home and plan our conquering. Many conferences have been cancelled or postponed. Some summer and fall conferences are still going ahead, but this can change. For now, if there is an event you want to go to and it goes ahead, always plan for your health and safety first. Be well!

Get out there

So, this section is called conferences, but in reality there are many ways we 'mobilize knowledge'. Other events may include: workshops, trade-shows, colloquia, and round-tables. There are SO many opportunities for you to go out beyond VIU's walls to learn and share knowledge. Please see the list of opportunities below for some options.

Add to our list

Know of other events coming up? Email Kendra ( and she will put the info here.

Funding Info

April 2020

When: April 23-25 (Postponed, keep an eye on the webpage for new dates)

Where: New Westminster, BC (Douglas College)

Abstract Deadline: January 20

Summer 2020

When: May 6-8 ( (Postponed, keep an eye on the webpage for new dates)

Where: Whistler, BC

When: May 12-14 (postponed till May 11-13, 2021)

Where: Sault Ste.Marie/Bawaating, ON

Abstract Deadline: January 8

When: May 28-30

Where: Montreal, QC

Abstract Deadline: Passed

When: June 10-12

Where: Whistler, BC

Abstract Deadline: Not posted yet

When: June 24-26

Where: Groningen, The Netherlands

Abstract Deadline: December 15

When: July 7-10

Where: Whistler, BC

COVID-19 contingency plan

Abstract Deadline: Closed

Annual Student Fellowship Award Deadline: December 6

When: July 9-11 (Postponed till July 15-17, 2021)

Where: Vancouver, BC (UBC)

Abstract Deadline: Passed

Early Bird Registration Deadline: TBA

Fall 2020

When: October 23-25

Where: Surrey, BC

When: November 7

Where: Vancouver, BC

Abstract Deadline: Open NOW

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