VIU Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

Institutional approval process

VIU Approval of Research Grants and Contracts

The Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity (SRCA) Office is responsible for reviewing, approving, and administering all research-related funds at VIU.

To provide us with sufficient time to complete our review of new research proposals and obtain approval from the appropriate Dean and Associate Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies (R&GS), the below process must be followed. As research at VIU continues to grow, we cannot guarantee that proposals received past our internal deadline will be approved for submission.

Applying for a Research Grant

Step 1: Notify us as early as possible of your plans to apply for a grant



  • Email a Grant Facilitator to inform SRCA of your plans to apply for a grant and explore available support from SRCA
  • Provide application templates
  • Give feedback on drafts
  • Clarify program and application details with funding agencies
  • Assist with budgets
  • Aid in gathering letters of support

Step 2: Pre-Approval Deadline: Ten business days before the grant submission deadline

At this stage, we review your proposal, organize support letters and signatures, seek approval if a waiver of an indirect cost waiver is required, provide you with feedback, and highlight any concerns so that there is time to address them.



  • Create an “External Grant and Contract Intake Form” in ROMEO and upload draft application components
  • Answer the questions in the form and submit them for review by your Dean and SRCA
  • Review your proposal and budget for eligibility and work with you to address any concerns
  • Provide feedback on the proposal
  • Connect with other VIU Departments and external partners as needed
  • Process requests for indirect cost reductions (see the VIU indirect cost guidelines).

Step 3: Final Approval: Two business days before the external submission deadline



  • Email a complete and final draft of your proposal to your grant facilitator, who will add it to ROMEO
  • Review final draft and approve for submission
  • Notify you of any concerns or errors in the proposals for final correction

Developing a Research Contract

The SRCA Office is responsible for the primary coordination, negotiation, and administration of research contracts for VIU.  An official representative of the institution must sign all research contracts.

Step 1: Notify us as soon as you know you want to develop a research funding/partnership agreement



  • Contact the Research Contracts Facilitator to discuss project and partnership needs
  • Create an “External Grant and Contract Intake Form” in ROMEO, complete certification and conflict of interest declarations and upload any relevant documents
  • Review project needs
  • Process requests for indirect cost reductions (see the VIU indirect cost guidelines).
  • Work with the researcher, partner and other VIU service departments to develop/negotiate terms of the agreement

Step 2: Provincial Approval: A few days to two weeks

The Province of British Columbia’s University, College, and Institute Protection Plan (UCIPP) provides VIU’s liability insurance. UCIPP requires that they review and approve most agreements signed by VIU.



  • Not applicable
  • Coordinate with VIU Contract Services to obtain UCIPP approval


Step 3: Signatures

The AVP, R&GS, signs all research agreements for VIU.



  • Not applicable
  • Arrange signatures internally and with the partner organization and upload the finalized agreement to ROMEO

With both grants and contracts, once funding arrangements have been completed, we will review compliance details and create an account for you so that you can access your funds. We will then support you in using your funds and providing any necessary reports to the funder/partner. Learn more about the full life cycle of a grant or contracts process.

Learn about the difference between grants and contracts.

Grant Facilitation

Our Grant Facilitators are available to identify funding opportunities, offer advice and review grant applications before submission to external agencies.

To connect with a Grant Facilitator, please email them at Grants and Contracts.