VIU Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

VIU@Cowichan Innovation Lab

The VIU@Cowichan Innovation Lab is an interdisciplinary, inter-professional and intra-educational space of exploration—or space of potential—that facilitates:

  1. accelerated technology and product innovation/fabrication through research and development;
  2. knowledge commercialization and mobilization with the community;
  3. student-centered experiential education;
  4. productive, practical dialogue between digital and social innovation models and processes.

The Lab provides highly proactive “productive partnerships among education, business, industry, government and communities” (VIU Academic Plan 6). The Lab functions through intercampus, interdisciplinary collaboration.

 The VIU@Cowichan Innovation Lab’s primary work continues to be focused on building capacity within our student community and exploring potential relationships with community at large. Each one of the Lab’s projects supports experiential education for our students.

Director: Dr. Sally Carpentier

Website: VIU@Cowichan Innovation Lab