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President's Awards for Community Engagement

The nomination period for the 2023 President's Awards for Community Engagement is now closed.

Aligned with our commitment to building stronger relationships with the communities we serve, the President’s Awards for Community Engagement recognizes excellence in community engagement activities among Vancouver Island University’s Employees. Community engagement relies upon the activities of VIU’s Employees in collaboration with the communities and organizations that VIU serves. These activities build our collective capacity, improve wellbeing, and enhance the resiliency of those served by the University.  

These awards are announced at a public celebration that is held every fall.  Award winners will receive a framed certificate at the fall recognition event. Recognition of these awards will be disseminated through VIU communication platforms and external news sources.

To recognize the variety of ways in which we engage, there are six award categories:

Community-University Partnership Award

  • This award recognizes a mutually beneficial partnership between an Employee or group of Employees of VIU and an external community, organization, or agency.  Aligned with the vision and mandate of both partners, this award recognizes new, innovative, and measurable outcomes and/or practice(s).

Community-Engaged Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity Award

  • This award recognizes a VIU Employee who engages in scholarly activity, research or creative practice involving an external community, organization or agency. This award recognizes the development of new knowledge, scholarly activity and/or creative practice in the benefit of both the discipline of the Employee and the community involved.

Community Leadership Award

  • This award recognizes a VIU Employee who demonstrates significant leadership in the community(ies) that are served by VIU. This award recognizes contributions that further community priorities and enhance the reputation of VIU.

Community Outreach Award

  • This award recognizes a VIU Employee who demonstrates excellence in outreach activity in the community(ies) that are served by VIU. This award recognizes those who share or translate their knowledge in any medium (presentations, workshops, videos etc.) to the benefit of the community.

Indigenous Engagement Award

  • This award recognizes a VIU Employee who has respectful and positive relations with an Indigenous community, agency, or organization. The award recognizes the importance of relations in deepening VIU’s commitment to Truth and Reconciliation and the implementation of the UNDRIP.

International Engagement Award

  • This award recognizes a VIU employee who demonstrate excellence in international engagement. This award recognizes mutually beneficial partnerships or research projects that enhance student engagement, training opportunities for VIU students, or international outreach activities in any medium (presentations, workshops, videos etc.).

Nomination Process 

  1. An annual call for nominations will occur in March. The deadline will be May 31st. 
  2. Decisions will be made by a committee comprised of the Associate Vice-President, Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity, the Associate Vice-President , External Relations, the Associate Vice-President of Indigenous Education and Engagement, and the Associate Vice-President of International Education.


  • Employees of VIU are eligible to apply. Individuals who have received a President’s Award within the past 5 years are ineligible to apply. Nominations that were previously unsuccessful must clarify within the current submission changes to the current package.
  • The nomination package (online) is due by 4 pm, May 31.

The nomination package must contain the following:

  1. A completed nomination form.
  2. One nominating letter. The letter should be no more than three pages, and include a narrative that makes the case for why this nominee should be recognized. The letter must be signed by a current member of the VIU community.
  3. Two supporting letters from faculty, staff, students, community partners, and/or alumni. These letters should demonstrate how the nominee meets the criteria for the award. Each letter should be no more than two pages in length.
  4. A current copy of nominee’s resume, CV or equivalent documentation that provides information to support the nomination.
  • Supporting materials (media clips, press releases, articles, etc) related to the nomination may be included. These materials must be no more than 10 pages. Hyperlinks to web-based materials are encouraged, when available. These materials should be referenced in the nomination letter. Note: all materials must be submitted together in one PDF and uploaded to the web form. Optional materials must be no more than 10 pages. The Committee may request further information or clarification if needed.
  • Evaluation Rubric