VIU Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

Brain Electrophysiology and Neuropsychology Lab

The Brain Electrophysiology and Neuropsychology Lab, housed in VIU’s Psychology Department, consists of microcomputer-based apparatus for stimulus presentation and EEG, EMG, EKG, GSR, and behavioural response recording and analysis.

Examples of Past Research Projects

  • Sex Differences in Concussion Symptoms of Vancouver Island University Men’s and Women’s Soccer Teams  by Nicole J. Greene, VIU Graduate.
  • Does background music influence attention? A study of the influences of musical background preferences and subject characteristics on electrophysiological measures of attention by Megan Yim, VIU Graduate.
  • The Influence of Auditory Binaural Beats on a Visual Attention Task by Jennifer Sorochan, VIU Graduate.
  •  N400 to Semantically Anomalous Pictures and Words: comparison between English Native speakers and second-language speakers by Juliana Rico, VIU Graduate.
  •  Attention Benefits from Interacting with Nature:  Attention Restoration Theory and Natural versus Urban Soundscapes by Art Phipps, VIU Graduate.

Other On-going Activity

Student Research Practicum Training in Sensory Evoked Potential (EP) and Cognitive Event-Related Potential (ERP) Recording (Supervisor Dr. Tony Robertson). This practicum involved research methodology training and applications. 2018 students: Patrick Cools, Sarah Crann-Adair, Kendra Stiwich and Michael Willden.


Dr. Tony Robertson, Director
Phone: 250.753.3245 Ext. 2141
Office: Building 356, Room 342