VIU Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

Research Engagement Assistant

Title: Research Engagement Assistant

Work-op Term: Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 - Student can work up to 70 hours/semester

Position Type: Events Support & Student Engagement Support


This lucky student gets put in lots of miles trekking all over campus to explore the nooks and crannies of VIU with the aim of letting students and employees know all about CREATE 2020 and VIU’s AWESOME new Student Research Team. This will include in-class presentations, pop-up style info booths and presenting to special interest groups. The fall semester will be more devoted to The Student Research Team, while the Spring semester will focus more on CREATE.

For the Fall the majority of the work will focus on delivering in class presentations to first & second year students in a variety of faculties, and hosting information and recruitment events. 2019-2020 is the first year for this team so we need to hit the ground running!

Once the Spring hits, we will need to recruit the CREATE 2020 Student Team - a group of fantastic students who help run the conference. Once the CREATE 2020 Student Team is established, the Engagement Assistant will also help to coordinate and schedule various Team activities.

Overall, this position is meant to infuse the VIU campus with an awesome positive vibe regarding Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity.

Job requirements

The Student Research Team is a bold new initiative out of the Office of Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity with the purpose to provide Team members with a generalized research skillset that is applicable to any discipline. CREATE is a vital aspect of celebrating student Scholarship Research & Creative Activity at VIU - the conference continues to grow and be more inclusive of VIU’s diverse programming. The successful candidate will be a major part of both these campus wide initiatives for 2019-20.

We are looking for a senior level student with research or creative activity experience who is very comfortable speaking in front of groups and is generally gregarious in nature.

The successful candidate will need to bring the following skillsets, but will also find that the position will allow these skills to flourish:

♦ very strong oral communication and public speaking skills in order to speak to numerous campus groups;

♦ strong written communication skills to write short information pieces for email distribution lists, the student e-newsletter and the student paper;

♦ to be a strong collaborator to work as part of a larger team on campus;

♦ will need to demonstrate the ability to engage in respectful relationships, as they will be in relationships with all sorts of people across VIU's campus from students to faculty to administrators.

Total wage per hour: $16.00

Application information: Application to be emailed to Kendra Stiwich (resume, cover letter & contact info for two references)

Additional Application Information: Please ensure your cover letter highlights your public speaking prowess, research and creative activity experience, and any conference experience you may have.