VIU is pleased to announce the recipients of the inaugural Provost’s Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity Awards for 2018.

Collaborative Research Award

Dr. Lindsay McCunn (Psychology) nominated by Ms. Deborah Matheson

Dr. Paige Fisher (Education) nominated by Dr. Rachel Moll

Distinguished Researcher Award

Dr. Cheryl Warsh (History) nominated by Dr. Tim Lewis

Dr. Chris Gill (Chemistry) nominated by Dr. Don Noakes

Dr. Lev Idels (Mathematics) nominated by Dr. David Bigelow

Early Career Research Excellence Award

Dr. Jamie Gorrell (Biology) nominated by Dr.’s. Tim Goater, Caroline Josefsson, and Joslynn Affleck

Graduate Research Mentor Award

Dr. Mary Ann Richards (Education) – nominated by Dr. Rachel Moll and Ms. Ana Vieira

Deans’ Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity Award

Dr. Allyson Fleming (Education) nominated by Dr. David Paterson

Dr. Cathryn Spence (Arts and Humanities) nominated by Dr.’s Tim Lewis and Ross MacKay

Dr. Lindsay McCunn (Social Sciences) nominated by Dr. Elizabeth Brimacombe


Selection committee: Nicole Vaugeois, Chair, SRCA; Joslynn Affleck, Faculty of Science; Mark Williams, Faculty of Social Sciences; Micki McCartney, Student Affairs; Elliott Marchant, Faculty of Social Science; Louis Mattar, Faculty of Education; Michael Ribicic, Student representative; Susan Juby, Faculty of Arts and Humanities.


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