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GROW Network

Graduate Research Opportunities at Work (GROW) Network

Are you pursuing graduate studies while you work at VIU?

VIU employs many people who are also engaged in graduate research and study while working. Graduate work can be isolating and stressful, especially when also working full-time, and even more so for VIU graduate scholars who may have no sense of connection to their graduate program cohort, which is probably at a different university. 

The Office of Graduate Studies and Student Research, the Office of Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity and the Library are pleased to co-host the GROW Network which aims to support VIU employees to be successful in their graduate pursuits by building a community of practice that shares resources, tools and strategies and that organizes professional development and training opportunities.

Join this network to meet other employees who are pursuing graduate studies and to participate in learning opportunities throughout the year.

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Schedule of events for 2022

Date, Location and Time


November 24, 2022

4-5:30 pm

Building 305, Room 440

Data Analysis

Coding and data analysis is an essential stage of the research process and can often be seen as a black box. Taking data and making meaning from it can be both a painful and energizing experience. This session will offer some insights into the data analysis process from people who have done both quantitative and qualitative analysis. A question-and-answer period will follow.

Moderator: Aggie Weighill

Panel Session: Louise Stern, Rachel Moll, and Farhad Moghimehfar

December 15, 2022

4-5:30 pm

Royal Arbutus Room

Framing Great Research Objectives

Are you developing research objectives from your reading and literature review? Do you have research objectives that need to be re-evaluated as you proceed due to changes in the field of study? Bring your draft research objectives for sharing with the group to get some constructive feedback. 

Moderator: Kendra Stiwich

Panelist: Guy Le Masurier

January 26, 2023

4-5:30 pm

Royal Arbutus Room

Data Collection

Many graduate students describe data collection as the best part of their experience. Are you about to begin data collection, or do you have experiences (both good and bad) to share that may help others about to embark on this part of their research process? A panel presentation about data collection experiences will be followed by a discussion.

February 23, 2023

4-5:30 pm

Royal Arbutus Room

Data Management

The importance of effective data management has become more evident for researchers. Are you curious about how to manage your research data? Join this session to learn more about best practices in data management throughout the research process. A presentation followed by a discussion.

Moderators: Kathleen Reed and Dana McFarland

March 23, 2023

4-5:30 pm

Royal Arbutus Room

Working Effectively with your Supervisor and Committee

The supervisor/committee-student relationship is critically important as you may spend years together. What are the important things you should consider in choosing a supervisor? What do you do if the relationship declines or your contact with your supervisor is limited? A panel presentation followed by a discussion.

Moderator: Pam Shaw

April 27, 2023

4-5:30 pm

Royal Arbutus Room

Effective Writing Strategies

John Hill from VIU’s writing centre will present and then lead a discussion about writing strategies that include ideas about where, how and when. John will share the experiences and successes of people from the writing workshops he has led here at VIU. This session will offer encouragement for an often difficult stage of the graduate studies journey.

Presenter: John Hill

May 25, 2023

4-5:30 pm

Building 305, Room 440

Finding and Sustaining Motivation

Motivation is critical to completing a graduate program - from the beginning to the end of the journey. It is important to find a research topic that you are curious about but also one that can be sustained the length of time needed to complete a graduate degree will also work. How can you make sure your research inquiry and process remain fresh from the proposal through to your defence?

Moderator: Sally Vinden

Panelists: Jean Malteson and Rob Ferguson

Register for a session in the InVIU Pro D Calendar or join via Zoom