VIU Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

The Big Student Funding Chart

Where is the big chart?

The big chart got to be a crazy huge chart and was becoming ridiculous to read. We have split the chart into a number of more manageable and accessible tabs. Just check out the larger categories below and search through the relevant awards. If you have questions about any of them, connect with

Research Funding and Awards

This funding type supports a specific student project. Undergrads and graduate students will find stuff here.

Learn more about Research Funding and Awards

Graduate Scholarships

If you are thinking of Graduate School or are currently in a VIU Grad program, you should identify all funding options.

Learn more about Graduate Scholarships

Indigenous Students

There are various opportunities specifically for Indigenous students and projects, check them out! Of course, you can also apply for all the opportunities listed in the other categories too.

Opportunities for Indigenous Students

International Students

There are opportunities for international students here in Canada, and at VIU to do great research.

Opportunities for International Students

Knowledge Dissemination

This includes funding to attend conferences and some professional development type events, as well as funding that allows STEM students to do community engagement.

Learn more about Knowledge Dissemination