VIU Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

VIURAC Internal Grants


  • Amplify: Up to $2,000 for the development of web, social media, and digital sharing of research knowledge in innovative ways that reach beyond face-to-face methods.
  • Explore: Up to $2,000 for applications that aim to explore and create new knowledge outputs where at least one undergraduate or graduate student is involved in the investigation in a paid role.
  • Engage: Up to $2,000 for projects aimed at building or expanding collaborative projects with community or industry partners, or that focus on mobilizing research knowledge to non-academic audiences.
  • Collaborate: Up to $2,000 to enable VIU faculty to invest in the development of research centres, labs and institutes to develop strategic plans and communication tools that promote pathways for faculty and student collaboration on projects.
  • Innovate: Up to $5,000 for applications to support research and creative activity that results in innovative or creative outputs or applications.
  • Inquiry: (formerly the Research Fund) will be used to provide up to $5,000 for applications to support investigator led inquiry and research in the scholarship of teaching and learning.
  • Gather: Up to $3,000 to enable researchers to host events (i.e. conferences, symposia, exhibitions) and gatherings aimed at mobilizing research knowledge to academic audiences.
  • Share: up to $1,200 for travel and conference funding is awarded to VIUFA or BCGEU members who wish to present at a conference or event.
  • Publish: Open deadline. Up to $1000 to assist with the costs of print or online journal article or book manuscript preparation, submission, or publication. oject of regional significance. Matching cash required. 

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