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New! BC Ministry of Health COVID 19 Research Grant

This new grant provides up to $25,000 to supports research projects in specific areas where the Ministry of Health has deemed research is urgently needed and not well enough covered by existing programs of research identified in the province as part of their recent Research and Knowledge Mobilization Strategy. Applications to this program must address one or more of the below priorities:
1)     The effectiveness of social distancing on different communities
2)     Protecting and strengthening youth and child health during the pandemic
3)     Mental health in virtual care
4)     Safe staffing models within a pandemic
5)     Access to mental health care: Rapid analysis of population-based administrative data in British Columbia
6)     Impact of COVID-19 on BC’s public drug plan
7)     Psychological health and safety supports for healthcare professionals
8)     Substance Use Supports in Congregate Housing
9)     Staff time lost waiting for negative health workforce test results

10)   Action-research (in real time, with learning applied immediately and ongoing study and             adaptation), on: long term care and hospital interventions, community outbreaks, school resumption and outbreaks, HHR implications

See the funding call here: