VIU Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

Congratulations to the COVID Special Call Research Award Recipients!

A total of $40,782 was awarded to following for their projects:

  • Michael Lait: Tracking the Social Impacts During the Covid-19 Crisis: Quality-of-Life and Housing Surveys of the Cowichan Valley, Nanaimo, and Powell River Regions
  • Dana McFarland: Creating a Selective Web Archive of Central and North Vancouver Island Community Information during COVID-19
  • Marian Riedel: Alternate Delivery in K-12 Schools: COVID-19 Experiences and Possibilities
  • Marla Morden: The Psychosocial Impact of COVID-19 on Canadian Adults, Including the Behaviour and Birth Outcomes of Pregnant Women
  • Lauren Mayes: Provincial Corrections: Re-entry, Recidivism and Reincarceration During COVID
  • Shannon Dames: A COVID-19 Response and Recovery Effort: Working Across Sectors to Aid Healthcare Providers Suffering from Mental Illness
  • Alana Devereaux: Acute-Care RNs' Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Aggie Weighill: Leisure as a Mechanism for Coping with Stress Related to Public Health Interventions due to COVID-19.
  • Gillian Anderson: The Burden of Care: Exploring the Gendered Impact(s) of COVID-19 on Mothers’ Caring Labour

Congratulations to the Provost’s 2020 Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity Award Recipients!

Early Career Research Excellence Award

  • Dr. Jasmine JanesFaculty of Science and Technology
  • Dr. Lindsay McCunnFaculty of Social Sciences
  • Dr. Shannon DamesFaculty of Health and Human Services.

Graduate Research Mentor Award

  • Mary O’NeillFaculty of Education

Undergraduate Research Mentor Award

  • Dr. Linda SheaFaculty of Health and Human Services

 Knowledge Mobilization Award

  • Antje Bitterberg and Cheryl CameronFaculty of Health and Human Services

 Deans’ Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity Award

  • Dr. Monica SothFaculty of Health and Human Services 
  • Dr. Mark Williams, Faculty of Social Sciences

Congratulations VIURAC Explore, Inquire, Collaborate, Gather and Share Grant Award Recipients! 

A total of $55,658 was awarded to the following for their projects:

  • Martin Angelstad: Exploring the Incorporation of Virtual Dissections and Digital Media in First Year Biology Lab Sessions
  • Jasmine Janes: Making Raspberry Pi to Observe Pollinators in the NoIR and Shining A Light on the Night Life of Platanthera
  • Laura Gover-Basar: Police Mothers: Toward an Inclusive Approach for Retaining and Promoting Policewomen
  • Jeff Lewis: Awareness of Climate Change Through Education and Research (ACER) 2020 Symposium
  • Gerri McEwen: Ocean Plate Stratigraphy in Southern Quesnellia: an Indicator of Subduction Polarity and Basin Extent in the Paleozoic
  • Jamie Gorrell: Genetic Diversity of Jalisco Crocodiles
  • Mercedes Hernandez: Prevalence of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in the Nanaimo Area
  • Alison Taplay: Centre for Collaboration, Innovation and Sustainable Community Development: Laying the Groundwork
  • Cheryl Warsh and Katharine Rollwagen: Atomic Childhoods: The Cold War and Children's Popular Culture
  • Heather Sanrud: Child & Youth Care National Conference Presentation
  • Ravindra Mohabeer: PANEL: #CommunicationsSoWhite, Canadian Style: Working with and Through Race  and PAPER: Do/n’t Look me in the Eye; It shows Dis/Respect: Auto-Invisibility and Bifurcation as Coping Strategies in the Communication Classroom
  • Janet McKeown: Carrying the Mental Load: Unpacking the Gendered Nature of Mental Labor in Families Through Leisure
  • Allyson Fleming: Is an Ethos of Criticality Possible in Post Secondary Educational Administration?
  • Tim Stokes: 16th Sinkhole Conference
  • Albert Seinen: Freedom through Forgiveness
  • Brian Dick: International Field School for First-Year Engineering Students
  • Sarah Crover: Shakespeare Association of America Conference
  • Fiona Meyers Cook: Resurgence! Making Space for Indigenous ways of Knowing, Being, and Doing
  • Lindsay McCunn: Evaluating a Pop-up Resource Village: Making Connections with Sense of Place and Perceptions of Safety
  • Paula Waatainen: Tipping Point: Designing an Urban Planning Game to Teach Democratic Deliberation Skills in Elementary Schools
  • Suzanne de la Barre: Arctic Tourism in Times of Change: Urban and Overtourism
  • Heather Pastro: The Path to Truth and Reconciliation Through Visual Imagery and Children's Literature
  • Michael Govorov: Trivariate Kernel Density Estimation of Spatiotemporal Crime Events
  • Sandra Johnstone: Engaging Multiple Ways of Knowing to Educate for Geo-Scientific Ethics
  • Cynthea Masson: Alchemy and The Alchemists’ Council--Presentation at the Speculative Literature in Canada Conference

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