VIU Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

Fall 2020 SRCA Meet-Ups and Zoom into Lunch & Learns: 

Are you interested in learning more about research at VIU? If so, attend our virtual SRCA Meet-ups held on the following Tuesdays from 12 to 12:45 pm. Learn more about research services, resources and supports with our friendly staff. See Calendar listings for the Zoom links.

Sept. 29thPost-poned / Rescheduled to Oct. 6th from 11 -11:45am. Meet- up with SRCA Grant Facilitators Roisin and Bettina to learn about internal and external research funding opportunities

Oct. 6th - Zoom into Lunch & Learn about "Alternate Delivery in K-12 Schools: COVID-19 Experiences and Possibilities – A joint Faculty of Education and Health and Human Services Project" with Marian Riedel, Rachell Moll, , Riki Cox, Paige Fisher, Alison Taplay and Leif Rasmussen.

Oct. 13th - Meet- up with Research Ethics Officer Chris Turner and learn about the Research Ethics Board and process at VIU

Oct. 20th –   Meet-up with Tamara McNeil Research Services Coordinator at VIU to learn about the application system ‘ROMEO

Oct. 27th – Meet-up with Kendra Stiwich, Student Research Engagement Coordinator to learn about the opportunities and supports to engage your students in research

Nov. 3rd – Meet-up with Tanis Dagert, Community Liaison and Knowledge Mobilization Officer to learn about opportunities and best practices to engage with community and share your knowledge.

Nov. 10th - Zoom into Lunch & Learn about "Indigenizing Platforms: Perspectives on Facebook from Island Melanesia" with guests Geoff and Stephanie Hobbis, Assistant Professors in the Netherlands.

Nov. 17th – Meet-up with Leyla Innala, Animal Care Officer to learn about VIU’s animal care and bio-safety protocols and best practice.

Nov 24th - Meet-up with Kendra Stiwich, Student Research Engagement Coordinator to learn about the opportunities and supports to engage your students in CREATE 2020-2021.

What's Happening

All VIU employees are invited to submit activities completed during the period June 1, 2019 – May 31, 2020 to the Scholarly Activity Data-base
To be held on April 15th, 11 to 12:00pm RSVP to Roisin Mulligan for a Zoom invite.
Tune into upcoming SRCA Lunch & Learns by Zoom including: "Developing our Roots to Thrive: Activating Our Innate, Individual and Collective Human Capacity for Resilience" with Shannon Dames on April 14th and "The Origins of Coronaviruses and Why COVID-19 is Not the End of the Story" with Dr. Christian Lange, Virologist with Metabiota on April 15th

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VIU Researcher Investigates Eco-Evolutionary Process of Bog Orchids

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VIU Provides Special Funding for COVID-19 Research Projects

The University’s Research Award Committee funds nine faculty coronavirus projects for a total of $40,782.Vancouver Island University’s (VIU) Research Award...

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Supporting Health-Care Professionals Suffering From Emotional Distress

VIU professor receives federal government grant to aid in the development of an innovative psychedelic medicine-assisted therapy program for the treatment of...

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