VIU Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity

COVID-19 & Research at VIU

Join Us! Check out SRCA's Line-Up of Upcoming Professional Learning Opportunities

Spring forward in your learning! SRCA is thrilled to announce an exciting line-up of 13 professional learning events via Zoom and 'on demand' in May / June. Questions? Contact

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What's Happening

To be held on April 15th, 11 to 12:00pm RSVP to Roisin Mulligan for a Zoom invite.
Tune into upcoming SRCA Lunch & Learns by Zoom including: "Developing our Roots to Thrive: Activating Our Innate, Individual and Collective Human Capacity for Resilience" with Shannon Dames on April 14th and "The Origins of Coronaviruses and Why COVID-19 is Not the End of the Story" with Dr. Christian Lange, Virologist with Metabiota on April 15th
Application deadline April 27, 2020.

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Air Quality Improves Across the Province During the COVID-19 Crisis

Vancouver Island University (VIU) student researchers see a dramatic decrease in air pollution levels due to reduced car and plane traffic.Restrictions imposed...

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Research Project Studies Impacts of Climate Change on Local Plant Species

Researchers are examining how plant life cycles are impacted by climate change in an effort to better inform land, resource and conservation management...

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VIU Receives $300,000 to Research Norovirus Contamination of Oysters

Research project focuses on helping the BC shellfish industry to forecast, manage and prevent risks to human health and multi-million-dollar losses associated...

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VIU Biology Professor Pens Paper About Insect Apocalypse Myth

Scientific paper sheds light on the damage sensationalist language can have on public opinion and conservation efforts of insect populations.Insectageddon. The...

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