Mini Science Fair Registration 2023

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When: TBD
Time: TBD
What: Enthusiastic ocean explorers will display
their knowledge on a topic of their choice relating
to marine science at a mini science fair!

One of our favourite parts when speaking with visitors to the station is hearing the kid's share their own facts about topics they are interested in! This is a chance to give the younger scientists some time in the spotlight as they create a display and discuss their topic* with visitors during a special event (date TBD)! Participant age recommended at 5-12 but all ages are welcome.

*for any younger scientists a bit uncomfortable speaking with new people about their topic, they are welcome to display their poster board and leave it unattended for people to read on their own. 

Criteria for Presenters:
A 3-panel poster should answer some of the following main questions regarding their chosen topic (when applicable):

  • What is it (general overview)?
  • How does it “work”?
  • What is its environmental role?
  • Why is it important?
  • Is it threatened or endangered?
  • Common misconceptions
  • Range of habitat
  • Relationship with indigenous peoples

Poster Layout/tips:

  • Have at least ONE graph or map (with legend)
  • Big and clear images (hand-drawing allowed!)
  • Creative design and materials
  • Clear explanation of topic by presenter
  • Reference/mention ONE research being done on the topic

Don't forget to list your sources for information as well!

Don't let the list scare you, this event is for fun and education so don't sweat the details too much! All participants will get a thank-you gift as well a free drink and snack. 


Please Note

  • All participants must have an a parent/guardian present at the station for the duration of the event
  • Topics are first come first serve
Which Topic?

Please note that these are first come first serve, if your choice is not listed then it is no longer available, please pick something else instead.

We will try our best to keep this list updated to include topics not yet chosen. Feel free to choose more than one topic in case one is unavailable so we can assign you the other. Thanks!