NextGen Shellfish Hatchery

This exciting project has been funded by Western Economic Diversification Canada and has been ongoing since 2014.  Changing environmental conditions in Baynes Sound have made Shellfish Hatcheries increasingly difficult to run.  This project has brought in hatchery technologies from around the world in an attempt to see which technologies can be successfully used in British Columbia.  Within this project we are:

  • Using a continuous drip algal production system to produce algae for shellfish larvae.  We are examining the energy usage from grow lights, the cost of nutrients, the amount of water used, and the amount of human resources time needed to raise a sufficient amount of algae.  We're cataloging the reliability of the system and the growth densities that can be achieved.
  • We're trialling different sizes, shapes and types of tanks for raising shellfish larvae.  
  • We're trialling a 'bottle upweller' system that has been successfully used in both Britain and Australia for growing high densities of oyster seed.
  • We're using different techniques for controlling the pH, dissolved gas, and other water parameters important to shellfish production.

Throughout this project we are keeping industry up to date with our progress so that they can incorporate any new processes that prove successful.  

As time goes on we will continue to add to this page with more specifics and research finding so that everyone can keep up to date on our research!