Do you want to share your special skills and talents?

Would you like the opportunity to share your special talent, passion or hobby with others in a unique setting surrounded by the ocean and nature? At Deep Bay Marine Field Station, we can make it possible by providing you with opportunities at our award-winning green facility.

 As part of Vancouver Island University, we are a center of excellence linking education, sustainable community development and public engagement. 

Deep Bay Marine Field Station is looking for dependable and enthusiastic volunteers to assist our staff in providing services to our visitors and other projects. We require good interpersonal skills, organization, and initiative to complete assigned tasks with confidence and a minimum of supervision. Volunteers will work directly with our staff to provide support where needed in the following areas:

  • Public Education Assistant (requires criminal record check)
  • Grounds and Woodland Steward
  • Social Media Assistant

    We're also open to other ideas! 

Sorry, we are not accepting applications for Lab Staff Assistant as this time.

Volunteer at a touch tank with students

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