Intertidal Assessment (Gr 8-12)

Students with quadrats on beach

Field School - Intertidal Assessment

The Field School turns your students into citizen scientists as we explore and collect data for real long-term monitoring programs on Baynes Sound.

Assessing the intertidal is a key to understanding the dynamics of any intertidal or beach area. Students with use transects to classify our beach and monitor taxa presence and biological community composition. This data will be used as a monitoring project to assess biological diversity and resiliency.

Please note, all Field School programs require a low tide. Programs are 1-2 hours in length and data will be used in active monitoring projects. Data will also be available to teachers to incorporate into other lessons or as a post-visit package.


  • Grade 9 Science: Matter cycles within biotic and abiotic components of ecosystems
  • Grade 11 Biology: Features and structure of living things, how animals shape their physical environment, living things and their roles in ecosystems
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