Virtual Oyster Dissection (Grades 4-12)

Shucked Oyster with labelled parts

This live oyster dissection introduces students to shellfish, shellfish aquaculture and their unique biology. This fieldtrip begins with an introduction to our station and a talk on shellfish biology. Students will ask questions and watch as an oyster is dissected. Teachers will receive anatomy diagrams for students to fill out as they watch the dissection. A teacher's answers copy will be provided so that the activity can be taken up after the field trip.

This is a fantastic opportunity to enhance any invertebrate or marine unit and can be customized to focus on topics covered in your own classroom.

2016 BC Curriculum Learning Standards

Grade 7 Science: Organisms have evolved over time; survival needs
Grade 8 Science: Relationship of micro-organisms with living things
Grade 9 Science: Matter cycles within biotic and abiotic components of ecosystems
Grade 11 Biology: Features and structure of living things
Grade 12 Environmental Science: Human and other influences on natural systems; leadership, innovation, and action for sustainable systems and communities



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