Boats and Vehicles at DBMFS

At the Deep Bay Marine Field Station, aquaculture research meets public education! Our commitment to understanding and preserving the marine environment extends beyond our state-of-the-art laboratories and coastal facilities. We invite you to discover the vital role our fleet of research boats and passenger van plays in our mission. From data collecting expeditions to educational outreach, these essential vehicles are the bridge between our researchers, educators, and the breathtaking natural wonders of the deep blue. Dive into the heart of our marine adventures as we introduce you to the vessels that make it all possible.

MV Atrevida

MV Atrevida is a 26’ aluminium V-Hull with an enclosed cuddy, semi-enclosed cabin, and with twin outboards. Running speed up to 25 knots.  It is equipped with a hydraulic powered davit suitable for:

  • Running scientific instruments through the water column (CDT’s Fluorometers, etc..).
  • Collecting water samples at a variety of depths in niskin bottles.
  • Conducting plankton tows vertically or horizontally at a variety of depths.
  • Pulling traps.
  • Using ponar samplers or other devices for grabbing benthic substrate.


The davit has 80m of cable, but this could be augmented for specific operations.  The vessel is well suited to all seasons and general scientific use.  Use is augmented by a 3G radar, chart plotter, and depth sonar.

Occupancy: 10 Passengers

MV Yesso

MV Yesso is a 26” aluminum landing craft with an open deck and seating along the outside of the craft. It runs at up to 30 knots, can float in 5” of water, and is ideal for shore landings, wildlife surveillance, specimen collection, and general industrial / scientific usage.  Yesso contains a 3G radar, chart plotter, and depth sonar.

Occupancy: 10 Passengers

MV Boaty McBoatface

Boaty is a 17’ Aluminum hull, open runabout with a 35HP outboard motor.  Very useful for deploying in remote locations in favourable conditions.

Occupancy: 2-3 Passengers

"The Van"

With comfortable seating for up to six passengers, this spacious vehicle transports students from VIU's Nanaimo Campus to the station and serves as a critical component of our public education outreach efforts. Equipped with advanced safety features and accessibility options, The Van ensures a smooth and reliable ride for both scientific expeditions and educational adventures, making it an ideal choice for supporting our diverse range of activities.