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***Please note there are limited dates available for intertidal activities, please check available dates below under "Field School" options***

Please Note:

  • Fees are $100/hour +GST for instructor‐led programs.
  • When not in use, groups are permitted to use our conference room or outdoor classroom for lunch or snack.
  • Transportation is the responsibility of the school/teacher. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early to avoid your program starting late.
  • Pre-Visit tips and information can be found in the Education Guide.

Wanting to share a bus with another class? No problem!

We often have more than one class visit from a school at a time to reduce in busing costs and carbon emissions. Due to limited staff and space we are often unable to accommodate more than one class at a time for an activity. While the other class waits for their turn into the station, we can offer a scavenger hunt activity for teachers looking for a more structured activity for their class other than free exploration of the site. This is a teacher-guided activity which can be adapted however the teacher wishes. Please have each teacher submit their own Field Trip Booking Form with a time difference of at least 15 minutes between activities.

If more than one class is visiting the station, please have each teacher submit their own Field Trip Booking Form.
Chaperone Ratios: Preschool/K: 4 Students/1 Adult; Grades 1-5: 8 Students/1 Adult; Grades 6-12: 12 Students/1 Adult
Low mid-day tides are necessary for Field School programs. We will confirm the dates upon receiving your submission.
If more than one class is visiting, allow 15 minutes between activities for class transition.
Which Program(s)?

Please note that if you plan on visiting for more than one program, you can only combine a Guided Tour with one other choice. This is due to limited staff for set up and take down between programs. Some exceptions may apply, please leave request in comment field below.

Low mid-day tides are necessary for Field School programs. Check back in early 2022 for low tide dates.
An outdoor space is available for snack/lunch. Indoor space may be available in poor weather.